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Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip & Fall Accident Lawyer in Dallas

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Slip and fall accidents are common incidents that lead to serious injuries in shopping stores, apartment complexes, and other private and public spaces. These kinds of cases often fall under premises liability law and merit the attention of a skilled Dallas personal injury attorney. We at Uvalle Law Firm, PLLC can help you file an injury claim against the negligent property owner, which may result in obtaining rightful compensation for your injuries. This can help you pay for all accident-related costs, such as medical care and lost wages. We can create a personalized case strategy that specifically reflects the unique aspects of your situation and needs.

Slip and fall accidents can occur due to:

  • Wet and unmarked floors
  • Uneven pavement
  • Loose wires

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We accept personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. No recovery, no fees or costs. Should you choose to retain our firm’s legal services, you can rest assured that our legal fees will be a portion of the final judgment or settlement which may be awarded to you in the event of a successful case.

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